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Flossie's White

Diane's White

Hello and welcome to our virtual tasting page! Hopefully we will be able to resume our tastings at the bar soon, but until then, simply click on the wine or cider you are tasting on your flight board (or at home) and owners Mark and Abby will inform you about their local wine and cider!

As always, enjoy!

Eugene's Red

Father Tom's Red

Bertha's Blue

Herb's Red

Big Buoy Brose

Hard Ciders

This year, our cider is 100% local, meaning all of the apples in our cider are from Mecosta County! We've teamed up with Edwin Yoder, who pressed the apples into cider which Mark dutifully transformed all winter long into the hard cider you are tasting today.

Hippity Hoppity

Them Apples

Baby Maker

Herbal Remedy

Sweet Cinner

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