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Eugene’s Red: Named for Mark’s Grandfather, Eugene was a World War II veteran who spent time in in the vineyards of France and Italy in the 1940’s. This wine is a dry blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Marquette grapes, aged in French Oak barrels, soft on the palate and complex in the finish.


Herb’s Red: Named for Abby’s Grandfather, Herb was a pleasant man whose friendly smile and joking nature made him easy to love. This sweet wine is no different, with a blend of Concord and Frontenac grape varieties and aged in stainless steel barrels. Crafted to bring out the wine’s fruit flavor.

Fr. Tom’s Red: Named for a close family friend of Mark and Abby’s, Fr. Tom’s Red is a dry blend of Pinot Noir and Marquette grapes, aged in French Oak barrels, delicate in the glass with a long and complex in the finish


Flossie’s White: Named for Mark’s Grandmother, Flossie was a woman that everyone loved but had backbone when necessary. A blend of Chardonnay and Le Crescent grape varieties, semi-dry, fruit forward with a mild oak treatment.


Diane’s White: Named for Abby’s Grandmother, Diane was warm and sweet, just like this wine. It is a blend of Riesling and Edelweiss grapes, sweet on the palate, yet retains some complexity. Unoaked, to realize the full fruit flavor.

Sonny's White: Named for Sonny the Yorkie, our first winery dog.  Sonny was very sweet, so we named our sweetest wine in his honor.  It is 100% Le Crescent grapes and finished in stainless steel.

Becky's Bubbly: NEW for 2024!! More info coming soon!


Bertha’s Blue: Named for Mark’s Grandmother, Bertha was the hardest working, most lovable woman on the planet. She was affectionately referred to as “Sister Bertha”. This semi-sweet blueberry wine is estate-produced and aged in stainless steel barrels long enough obtain complexity without losing blueberry flavor.

Brewers Brose’:  Named for Cal and Dorothy Brewer, two wings of a flying family, this Blueberry Rose’ is a combination of Blueberry wine and Sauvignon Blanc.  This easy drinking wine will take flight on your palate.


Hippity Hoppity:  Carbonated hard apple cider infused with hops. Semi-Dry. ABV 5.5%

Them Apples:  Carbonated hard apple cider.  Semi-Sweet.  ABV 5.5%

Herbal Remedy:  Carbonated hard apple cider infused with Herb’s Red.  Sweet.  ABV 6.1%

BabyMaker:  Carbonated hard apple cider infused with Bertha’s Blue.  Sweet.  ABV 6.1%

Sweet Cinner:  Carbonated hard apple cider infused with cinnamon and notes of caramel.  Sweet.  ABV 5.5%

Peach Bum: Carbonated hard apple cider infused with Michigan Peaches. Semi-Sweet. ABV 5.5%

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