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Troy Graham
Tyler Roy.jpg

Tyler Roy


Tony Rogers

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Mir and the Man


Garabilly & Jen

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Drew Alkema

Summer Schedule (May 18-September 2):
Every Wednesday: Wine Wednesday!
$5 glasses of wine or cider all day
Every Thursday and Friday (weather dependent): Live music from 5:30-8pm
May 18: Mir & The Man
May 19: Tony Rogers
May 25: Morgan Phenix
May 26: Kasey Thren & Nick Harrington
June 1: Tyler Roy
June 2: New! All That Jazz!
June 8: New! Ben Erhart
June 9: Garabilly & Jen
June 15: Tony Rogers
June 16: New! Drew Alkema
June 22: Morgan Phenix
June 23: Mir & The Man
June 29: New! Delton Grassmid
June 30: Kasey Thren
July 6: All That Jazz!
July 7: Mir & The Man
July 13: Troy Graham
July 14: Troy Graham
July 20: Kasey Thren & Nick Harrington
July 21: Morgan Phenix
July 27: Garabilly
July 28: Drew Alkema
August 3: Morgan Phenix
August 4: Kevin Chamberlain
August 10: Tyler Roy
August 11: Tony Rogers
August 17: Drew Alkema
August 18: Kasey Thren & Nick Harrington
August 24: Garabilly & Jen
August 25: Kevin Chamberlain
August 31: Delton Grassmid
September 1: Garabilly & Jen
Fall Schedule (September 7-September 30):
Every Thursday and Friday (weather dependent): Live music from 4:30-7pm
September 7: Mir & The Man
September 8: Mark Hansen
September 14: Drew Alkema
September 15: Kevin Chamberlain
September 21: Kasey Thren & Nick Harrington
September 22: Morgan Phenix
September 28: Ben Erhart
September 30: Tony Rogers

Kasey Thren

Morgan Phenix

mark hansen.jpg

Mark Hansen

Ben Erhart.jpg

Ben Erhart

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