"The Right People with the Right Materials, using the Right Equipment, make Damn good wine" -Mark Young

We had a primary goal when we started The Winery @ Young Farms: To prove that quality wine could be produced in Central Michigan.  We planted cold-hardy hybrid grape varietals and upon those maturing, converted Mark's "Man Cave" into a winery and tasting room.  With our background in healthcare, Mark a pharmacist and Abby a nurse, we knew this to be true: to produce a quality product, you need the right people, right materials and right equipment.


The Right People


Owner- Mark Young: If there is one thing Mark doesn't do well, it's delegate.  He personally cares for the vineyard and does all the wine-making.  "Every winemaker wants perfect grapes, but I could never find them so I decided to grow them myself."


Lady Boss- Abby Young: If Mark is the gears of Young Farms, Abby is the grease.  She picks up all the slack and is basically the swiss army knife of the operation.


Farm Operations Manager-Brady Flachs: From the tasting room to blueberry production, Brady is Mark's cousin and now our right hand man. Mark and Brady grew up together selling Grandpa Eugene's corn and now we are so lucky to have his help with this venture!

Tasting Room Manager- Michele Young: Mark and Abby's sister-in-law Michele is a wine aficionado and runs the tasting room (Although you'll see Mark and Abby there most days).  She has tasted wine in Italy, France, Napa, Sonoma and points in between. An English teacher the rest of the year, she loves to educate patrons about wine.


Tasting Room Staff- Terri Garner, Tracy Snyder, Katie Maxon, Olivia Wolfe, Marie Chapman, Pattie Dzuris, Katie Sollman, Marissa Richter, Quinton Merrill and Emily Gandy:  Our tasting room staff and farm labor are all local residents and have a passion for what they do.  All employees of Young Farms are treated like family. (Whether they like it or not;)

The Right Materials

Grapes:  Every varietal wine is named for the grape, if there was no chardonnay grape, there would be no chardonnay wine.  Great wine starts in the vineyard, so at Young Farms all of the wine we make starts with grapes that we grow.  We do purchase grapes, if necessary, sourcing grapes from Arrowhead Vineyards in Michigan and the Dry Creek Ranch in California.

Blueberries:  Our Bertha's Blue blueberry wine is crafted with 100% Young Farms berries.  All hand-picked and sorted.  The Winery @ Young Farms is one of the few wineries in the world that make estate-produced blueberry wine.

Glass:  Our wine bottles were manufactured in France and our stemware and growlers are made in the USA.

Corks:  We use Diam corks manufactured in France and guaranteed to be TCA-free.

The Right Equipment

Crusher/Destemmer: Our Zambelli Crusher/Destemmer and must pump was built in Italy and made of stainless steel.

Press: Our Lancman water-bladder press is Slovenian-made stainless steel.

Pump: Our flexible impeller pump has an Italian head coupled to an American made inverter-drive motor.

Tanks: Our tanks were custom made for The Winery @ Young Farms in North Central Italy.  They are high grade polished stainless steel and variable capacity.

Barrels: We use 100% French Oak medium toast barrels that have been re-coopered in the United States.


What does all this mean?

When you get the right people and give them the right materials and equipment, they make really good wine. Come out and try it yourself, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised.

-Mark and Abby Young

local WINE

All of our wines are produced, cellared and bottled at our facility in Mecosta, Michigan

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